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GMR Airports Developers Ltd. | Hiring | Senior Engineer | Engineering Planning | Apply Now


Company: GMR Airports Developer Ltd.

Hiring For Senior Engineer - Engineering (Planning).

Experience: 3 - 6 Years.

Qualification: Degree in Electrical (EE Engineer)/ Mechanical Engineering

Location: Hyderabad.

Job Description:

Security and surveillance systems at RGIA must be operated and maintained in a safe, effective manner while adhering to BCAS regulations.

Assistance with planning engineering maintenance and creation of PPM schedules for all engineering assets at the airport. Support in creating MIS reports to accomplish efficient maintenance, support in data analysis to find relevant information and draw smart conclusions, and support in making decisions.


  • Percentage Conversion in net energy and water consumption, etc.
  • Percentage of expense savings compared to the budgeted amount.
  • Reducing the cost of energy per passenger.
  • Planning for Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Support in reviewing current maintenance schedules in order to modify or create new PM schedules for implementation.
  • Analyze PPM reports to ensure strict compliance, which will enhance the efficiency of all equipment and reduce complaints.
  • Maintenance Plan Scheduling and Timeline Adherence (%)
  • Budgeting and inventory management
  • Various inventory analyses and inventory control activities are put into place to reduce the cost of maintenance and inventory in order to assist analysis of PR to PO tracking and take the necessary action.
  • Contact the stores about non-moving, slowly moving merchandise.
  • AOP: Actual versus Planned.
  • Reports on consumption and purchase trends.
  • Compliance with all internal, external, and governmental audits.
  • To ensure compliance for all audits (BSC, IMS, ISMS, GHG, EnMS, CMS, Stores, MAG, statutory & management system audits), coordinate and provide support.
  • Assistance with GPTW and BE evaluations.
  • Number of non-conformances, accidents or incidents, and adherence to legal requirements.
  • Both Special Initiatives and MIS reports.
  • Creating MIS reports, assisting with vendor payments, creating budget provisions, and creating SOPs in accordance with departmental demands.
  • Production of reports and completion goals on schedule.

External Interactions:

  • Roles outside the organization that you must interact with in order to succeed in your day-to-day work.
  • All parties involved, including concessionaires and ground handlers as well as the CISF.
  • Regulatory agencies such the CEA, local electrical authority, BEE, etc., as well as the federal and state governments.
  • All contractors for annual and complete maintenance.
  • Vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers.
Internal Interactions:
  • Roles that you must interact with within the company to succeed in your day-to-day work.
  • GHIAL and GADL cross-functional team to identify requirements for accomplishing shared objectives.
  • Interact with coworkers and competitors in the industry.
  • Engage team members frequently to better understand them and motivate them to achieve departmental objectives.
  • Leading the group's operations towards process improvement.
Education Qualification:
  • Degree in Electrical (ee engineer)/ Mechanical Engineer.
  • 3 - 6 Years of total experience and at least 2 years' experience in Engineering Maintenance Activities of Airport/ Manufacturing Industry. 
  • Hyderabad.


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